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Get to know us

Get to know us


Our headquarters is located in Lusaka Zambia, with classes spread across this beautiful country. As a Christ-centered, non-denominational college, we are dedicated to embracing the transformative power of the true gospel, rooted in grace. Our approach is not bound by legalism or religious dogma, but rather aims to foster a genuine understanding of God’s unconditional love and His imputed righteousness in Christ. Through this grace-based foundation, we empower individuals to experience true liberty, breaking free from the chains of guilt, shame, and bondage, and embracing a life of purpose and joy in Christ.

Our Bible Teacher Ken Legg is dedicated to the truth of God’s Word without compromise. Along with Ken, our Coordinators seek to equip students with a solid foundation in biblical truths, enabling them to understand and communicate the gospel with clarity and integrity.

History of SFGBC

Ken Legg has ministered the good news of God’s grace in Zambia almost annually since 2006. In the early years, conferences were effective in introducing many to the grace of God. However, over time, the Holy Spirit impressed on Ken Legg and his ministry team that most of these pastors and church leaders were hungry for more, and needed more expository, consistent bible teaching. The first School of Ministry (SOM) was thus established in 2012. Organic, Holy Spirit led growth has seen this first SOM expand into over 400 classes across Zambia in 2021. All glory to God alone!

Benefits of learning at SFGBC

  • It’s tuition FREE! The lessons and e-resources are all free!
  • The teaching is all done by Ken Legg, ensuring that it can’t be distorted or diluted.
  • Ken’s expository teaching – revealing the meaning of scripture in its context – is clear and concise as he unfolds the word of God.
  • Pastors, church leaders and others are being taught the solid “meat” of the word of God and equipped for the work of ministry.
  • Small classes allow for meaningful discussion, interaction and Christian growth.
  • Upon successful completion of Level 1, students who fulfill the required criteria have the opportunity to apply for the role of Class Facilitator.
  • The college is decentralised with over 400 Learning sites so there may be a class near you.
  • Set Free Grace Bible College is a recognised institution registered in Zambia as a non-profit organisation Limited by Guarantee.

Our Team

Founder & Course Teacher - Ken Legg

Ken is the teaching pastor of New Beginnings Christian Church on the Gold Coast, Australia, and also an itinerant teacher. He is known for his sound, expository teaching and has a reputation for making even the most complex bible passages clear and easily understood.

Ken is also the founder/director of Set Free Ministries. He is a regular speaker on Christian radio and has authored several books – including This Is The Life; Grace Roots; New Covenant, New Glory; Grace: The Power to Reign; The Road Ahead; Tetelestai: It is Finished; What’s Eating You? and Firm Foundations. Ken has also spoken at conferences in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Egypt, Israel, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Fiji and other countries. Many of Ken’s resources have been translated into other languages, including French, Russian, Nyanja, Bemba, Swahili, German, Bahasa, Urdu etc.

With help from the dedicated team at New Beginnings Christian Church and other faithful partners, over 500 of Ken Legg’s tuition free Bible Schools have been established across Zambia, DRC, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya since 2012.

To view more of Ken’s ministry:

Bible School Administrator

Ros Van Der Vooren

National Coordinator

Henry Mweemba

National Leadership Team

National Leaders (left to right): Joseph Mulyata (Late), Henry Mweemba, Terry Mwenya, David Van der Vooren, Patrick Machona, Maron Mwape, John Dailofa, Adrius Tembo, (absent, Collins Mutale)

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